Hadith Technically !


Assalamu-`alaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu


The Arabic word HADITH means 'story' and 'pronouncement,message'. In this sense Allah, Exalted and Majestic, says, "Has the HADITH of Moses reached
you." In this verse, the word HADITH means 'story'.

20:Ayah 9 Yusuf Ali Has the story of Moses reached thee?
Pickthall Hath there come unto thee the story of Moses?
Transliteration Wa hal ata_ka haditsu mu_sa_

Allah also says, " Every time a MUHDATH reminder comes to them they hear it only while they play. The word MUHDATH means 'new'.
21:Ayah 2 Yusuf Ali Never comes (aught) to them of a renewed Message from their Lord but they listen to it as in jest
Pickthall Never cometh there unto them a new reminder from their Lord but they listen to it while they play.
Transliteration Ma_ yatihim min zikrim mir rab bihim muhdasin il las tamau_hu wa hum yalabu_n

There are verses in the Holy Qu'ran in which the word HADITH is intended to mean the Holy Qu'ran itself. For example, Allah, Exalted and Majestic,
says,18:6 " Thou wouldst only perchance fret thyself to death, following after them, in grief, if they beleive not in this message (hadith). The word
HADITH here stands for the Qu'ran itself.

The sunnah of the prophet is called as hadith.The reason is,the ahadith contains stories of prophet muhammad peace be upon him,short stories related
to various events which explains the meanings of Quranic verses and giving detail practical explanations.


1It is any word, deed,of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.related by his companions anf practiced by themselves as per prophet's injusctions and
forwarded by trustworthy muslims like imam bukhari,muslim,abu dawud tirmidhi etc.
2the interepretation of verse,
3explaining the method(characteristics) of salat,eclipse prayer,quranic
prostrations,prostrations of forgetfullness in salat(sahu)
4setting the criteria for zakat,and fitr in ramadhan.
5rituals of hajj in details from what to wear to what to recite,
6-details of fasting from what invalidates fasting to what validates
fasting,forbidden days of fasting,the nawafil fasting,
7-the method of wuzu in detail,
8-method of bathing,
9-azan proclamation method,
10-burial method(funeral and prayer)
11-code of conduct,eating,what kinds of animals are halal.,slaughtering method,aqiqa
12-drinking,(what kind of containers prohibited for preparing Beverage Of Dates)
13-clothes(what kinds of clothes to wear)
14-the scientific exlanations in detail are also not present in Quran.infact to understand this one has to go beyond hadith and look into various scientic sources.
15-gold is haraam for Men

The approval and physical or moral description attributed to the Prophet,
whether truly or supposedly even the moves and rests in the awakening or
"Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth),
and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the
truth." (41:53)

Why is Hadith important.

Tt gives quran commentary,it contains prophesies,code of conduct etc,quran requires commentary as a part of explanation,using historic data to prove dates and events occurrences.it also gives the reason as to when was Quran revealed,as the verse states 5:101 O ye who believe! ask not questions about things which if made plain to you may cause you trouble. But if ye ask about things when the Qur'an is being revealed they will be made plain to you: Allah will forgive those: for
Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Forbearing.

.... unnecessary questions are prohibited to ask,but asking questions as to when is Quran being revealed it will be made plain to you.prophet himself did'nt not knew when and what time Quranic verses will be Revealed,this verse speaks of understanding the causes and situatiuons as to when was quran revealed(here Quran being revealed means Quranic verses ,as it took 22 years, 5 months and 14 days for the completion even then no matter how many surah's were revealed it was called Quran.But after the completion of Quran all chapters constitute Quran,and each individual chapter is considered a part of Quran)

Thus hadith give context to many Quranic Ayats.

33:Ayah 21 Yusuf Ali Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah.
Pickthall Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the last Day, and remembereth Allah much.
Transliteration Laqad ka_na lakum fi rasu_lil la_hi uswatun hasanatul liman ka_na yarjul la_ha wal yaumal a_khira wa zakaral la_ha kasira_

The example is present in Hadith.His way of conduct,his prayer,his zakat,his fasting,his hajj,etc.and the details are present in hadith.Quran gives the importance of hadith.It 's the Quran which takes a believer to hadith.

6:38 There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth nor a being that flies on its wings but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.
Allah subhanawatala said that he has omitted nothing from quran,thus it explictly emphasises on sunnah of prophet.together it is perfets the faith of a believer.Because shows way to ahadith.

18:6 Thou wouldst only perchance fret thyself to death following after them in grief if they believe not in this Message.

Thus believeing in quran means believing in sunnah(practice of prophet)as well.which is present in true hadith.Otherwise following Quran completely is
without practising the methods of worship and code of conduct.

6:82 "It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong that are (truly) in security for they are on (right) guidance."
Confusing not the beliefs with wrongs,is a part of guidance.And progress comes only when all the sources are clear .Every act of worship is analysed
and the roots are firmly established.Quran and True Hadith are the roots of a muslims faith.

Allah knows best.